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Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look More Spacious


Dec 13, 2021
Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look More Spacious

Here are some tips to make your kitchen in UAE look more spacious. Remove cabinet doors and keep shelves open to maximize space. Avoid adding too many accessories to make your cabinets appear full. Invest in copper shelving, which is on-trend and will add a feeling of spaciousness. Use large cabinets with glass doors for maximum display potential. You can also place appliances on the wall to create more counter space. Regardless of the color scheme, you’ll find a solution that works for your kitchen.

Select a color palette that gives the illusion of more space:

Dark colors make small rooms appear smaller. Instead, use light colors to reflect natural light and diffuse lighting in the room. Choose white cabinets, countertops, and appliances to give the appearance of more space. Similarly, white walls reflect more light and give the impression of a mirror. You can also make your kitchen look larger by using the right overhead lighting. Opt for clear shadeless fixtures to spread light evenly around the room.

Consider using lighter colors to create a larger effect:

While dark colors tend to make a room seem smaller, lighter colors expand it. White is a great choice since it reflects light and gives the appearance of a mirror. You can also use sheer light curtains to give the room a soft box effect. Overhead lighting can make a big difference, so choose the right size for your kitchen.

Changing the color scheme of your kitchen can increase the perception of space:

For instance, replace the yellow cabinets with cream-colored ones if you have a yellow kitchen. If you have a pale blue kitchen, you can use cream-colored appliances and white countertops to enhance the illusion. However, if you have a darker-colored kitchen, consider painting the room white or using a neutral color to add depth to the room.

When it comes to colors, consider the way your kitchen appears. Try to use three different shades of green and avoid any red or yellow colors. You can also try adding more natural light by using more windows. It will make the room feel larger. For kitchens with many windows, it is advisable to use glass doors. This will make your kitchen appear bigger. Aside from glass doors, you can also change the shape and color of your cabinet doors.